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    Warehousing & transportation
    Due to long lasting experience in storage and logistics, Buisman is a professional partner.
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    Modern and fully automated facilities.
    Naturally the process of ‘Track and trace’ is safeguarded and the utmost care is devoted to quality and service.



Due to long lasting experience in storage and logistics Buisman is a professional partner. The modern warehouse is fully equipped, and designed to storage and transship your products safely and hygienically. Naturally the process of ‘Track and trace’ is safeguarded and the utmost care is devoted to quality and service.


The spacious warehouse in Zwolle is equipped with all modern and computerized facilities. At any time you can access the current stock of your products by means of the WMS-system (Warehouse Management System) and by using the ‘Track and trace’ system. Transshipment is performed proficiently and with great care for hygiene and safety.

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As a bounded-warehouse, Buisman complies with all legal and legislative requirements for customs. This offers significant benefits for both our our importing as well as our exporting clients. Buisman is familiar with all rules and regulations regarding the import and export of your products.

Buisman is registered as a private (customs) warehouse type c. Therefore your products do not have to be imported straight away and subsequently the import duties are not due immediately. Goods can be imported when the final destination within the EU is determined. A condition to operate as a bonded warehouse is that all goods can be administratively monitored and identified. Therefore Buisman uses a system in which all stored goods are registered and to which customs has access.



Buisman takes care of all your logistical requirements entirely. We work together with renowned transportation carriers that will transport your goods professionally and at competitive rates. Whether its conventional transportation, container or bulk transport, we provide you with a solution according to your specifications. Transport is always traceable and performed according to your requirements and wishes.

To all of our transportation activities the FEWEX conditions apply. These conditions can be found at the court of Rotterdam and can subsequently be accessed online at: www.fewex.nl.


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